The Italian architecture and interior design studio, founded by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran, joins the French maison designing an household item collection presented at Casa degli Atellani on the occasion of the 58th Salone del Mobile edition.

The architects’ duo got the inspiration from those famous Napoleon III style seats used by Christian Dior for his défilé: precious materials like gold, silver, bronze are mixed up with plexiglass and the rattan natural textile paying an homage to the iconic cannage.

More than simply household items, the pieces exposed evoke, with their names and shapes, Christian Dior’s beloved art movements: Surrealism and Cubism. Just to think of, for example, at “Ceci n’est pas une vase”, an umbrella stand made in rattan finished with gold-plated brass and decorated with black metal, whose name is traced back to Magritte’s masterpiece.

The exhibition takes the wonderful palace occupying the frescos’ rooms, creating a game of illusions as the reference art movements suggest: collection’s pieces, in fact, are shown throughout a series of trompe-l’oeil, made with a black background drawn with a chalk.

“De nuit” gold and bronze chandeliers, the “Grand Buffet” tray and “A côté de toi” placeholders – decorated with Christian Dior’s sign – set a fake dining table, while “Basket” vases stand up on mock carpets.

Indeed the elegant glass-made frames’ set, also adorned with gold, is only waiting to welcome the perfect pictures, while the cubic lighter, from grey plexiglass-made “Cubisme” collection, is the it-object for a true gentleman.

Finally these artworks of artisanship will be sold exclusively on demand and only for one year.