Contemporary Art Week goes on stage in the Italian city, a week dedicated to all art forms focused on time and sustainability

Text by: Annarosa Laureti

Artissima: what not to miss

Certainly the central event is Artissima, international art fair, stepping stone for rising artists and groundbreaking galleries, the only one in Italy concentrated exclusively on contemporary art scene. The inauguration is scheduled for Thursday 1 November, while the doors will be open to the public from 2 to 4 November. For its 25th anniversary, the director Ilaria Bonacossa has thought big, introducing lots of new developments inside an agenda that evolves around the theme “Time is on our side”.

First of all the new section Sound, completely dedicated to contemporary sonic research that will present 16 individual projects selected by the two curators Yann Chateigné Tytelman and Nicola Ricciardi. In addition there are different special projects, such as “Alfabeto Treccani”, an encyclopedic narrative of Italian contemporary art, “Artissima Junior”, a workshop space conceived with Juventus, that gathers young visitors inviting them to create a large environmental installation with the artist Alek O., and the two educational projects “Artissima Experimental Academy” and “Disegnare l’Invisibile”, thought in concert with Combo and Moleskine.

Artissima Stories. 25 years of Art, born inside Artissima Digital, wants to draw, through 25 interviews for social media channels, the history of the famous fair and its relationship with Turin. To celebrate this first quarter-century, has been also added to the classic six awards assigned at Artissima, a seventh one, the EDIT Dinner Prize, in collaboration with the food city centre. Further, always on the front line to sustain young creatives, it will present the first edition of New Entries Fair Fund, a three-year fund thought as support to the galleries of the future. And finally the fair’s birthday party will take place during the inauguration of Sound.

DREAMERs: where Art meets Eco Couture

The creative atmosphere doesn’t stop with Artissima 2018 but, spreading throughout the city, it will contaminate lots of collateral events, where art will be declined in different languages, from theatre to dance, from music to design, and fashion too. And exactly on the bond with art and fashion is based the special itinerary conceived by DREAMERs, a project dedicated to the independent fashion research, created by Barbara Casalaspro and Ludovica Gallo Orsi, shown from 1 to 4 November at the Toolbox spaces. Talks, workshops but, above all, exhibitions and performances, will be the steps of a journey investigating the current theme of “Re-wear” and fashion sustainability, and exploring the possibility to join ethic and aesthetics.

To start this route in the eco couture’s world, there will be the site specific performance Parade.Recycling Warriors, realized by Enrica Borghi, where dancers will turn into truly eco soldiers, wearing plastic bags and bottles. The Fondazione Pistoletto takes part indeed with Fashion For Forest – Forest For Fashion project, already presented in New York, that consists in the short film “Made in Forest” and in the exhibition of three sustainable dresses. Further, four eco designers – Silvia Giovanardi, Bav Tailor, Matteo Thiela e Tiziano Guardini, winner of the Green Carpet Fashion Award 2017 – will show their creation for “Abiti con passaporto”Finally this journey will conclude with a collective performance that involve and animate the dress-installation conceived by Nicoletta Morozzi inside Family Dress project.

NASCO UNICO: how can couture be sustainable? 

DREAMERs is also a fair showing44 slow brand specialized in the creation of unique items, sustainable and 100% made in Italy. An example is NASCO UNICO, Turin brand born from the continuous research and attention to details of the designer Andrea Francardo.

Towards the main value of Unique, Fun, Customization, Easy, Sustainability and Km0, NASCO UNICO is an invite to escape from ordinary, from the concept of seasonal collections, from the fast fashion, to live again the experience of a truly atelier. Following the perspective not only of circular economy but also of high and slow rhythm sartorial experience, leftovers, fabrics of past collections, from super thin organza to super light wool, passing by French jacquards and ancient fabrics, give birth to creations made in tandem with the client. Inspired by her own love for architecture, cinema and art, the designer realizes no-retail blazer and tuxedo – on demand details and privately bought – in an intimate and familiar atmosphere. 

Contemporary Art Week
From November 1 to 7, 2018