Learn with Massimo Uberti how the use of lights can transform the space into an inner place saving us from black days…

The “Spazio Amato” (Loved Space) installation evolves the artistic research of Massimo Uberti towards a new conception of space, light and surface. After “Essere Spazio”, “Altro Spazio” e “Spazio Necessario” (To Be the Space, Other Space and Necessary Space), this time Uberti immerses the viewer in a room completely overwhelmed by gold leaves, where in the center is placed a minimal chair made of neon tubes.

“If you’ve had a black day, turn on the light”. This is the message of the exhibition, visible 24 hours / 7 days a week, in which a powerful play of light engages us with a new spatio-temporal dimension. The use of gold and neon blends past and present conjuncture: gold was the symbol of infinity for the ancients, while neon represents today’s urban landscapes. The co-existence of these two different sources of light creates a continuous sparkle, which seems to mark the passing of the hours, thus to condense the time in a surreal place.

In this room, out of time and space, visitors are invited to light up their life, being transported by their own thoughts and ideas. The latter indeed seem to be the only secure shelter in a world running so fast. The golden room becomes a sort of inner place where the individual finds escape from the darkness of daily life.

Spazio Amato is part of the project #aviewnotawindow created by Rossana Ciocca. It is an art space where the relation between the art and the street is in constant dialogue. Within this space, the visitor can look at the artwork all the time, night and day like a “lanterna magica” (magical lantern).

“Spazio Amato”

Via Donatello 7, Milan, Italy

From June 20th to the end of September