The research of #aviewnotawindow project continues with Peter Belyi bringing the spectacle of the artwork on the border between public and private space

Text by: Annarosa Laureti

After hosting the exhibition of “Spazio Amato” (Loved Space), in which Massimo Uberti showed how lights can create a relief-inner space, today the Milanese art space – curated by Rossana Ciocca – presents Peter Belyi’s “Obscure Light”.

Throughout this work, the Russian artist wants to reflect – and make the urban passenger reflect too – on one of his favorite theme: the language. The world is full of hide meanings that, like pure lines of white neon lamps, can light up our existence. The main fault of the words is to be powerless in front of these meanings: they hide them, wrap them and bury them, creating a truly web difficult to figure out.

“Obscure light”, realised for the first time ten years ago, wants to represent this human condition: cables made of rubber – “A synthetic product that, unlike wood or stone, has no memory of some other shape” as Belyi said – are interwoven each other as words of a cryptic text, or maybe as a simple message, and try to obstacle that epiphany-light to shine. Even if it seems there’s no hope to survive to this destiny, the artist gives us a chance: the glow in fact, for its nature, is more vigorous and “it’s only through the confusion of the message and its visual chaos that the true meaning is revealed to us.”

To fill up with feeling, to research and abandon the present is what Belyi wishes for, throughout an artwork capable of making a technologic ambient poetical. 

Photo by Fabrizio Stipari

“Obscure Light”
Via Donatello 7, Milan
From November 21, 2018 to February 15, 2019