Living sculptures, a tree exhibition
It has been calculated that on our planet there are about 3000 billion trees. They may be centuries or only a few years old but from their growth rings you can read the history of their existence. They are coexisting with us as unique and mysterious living sculptures. Six photographers pay tribute to our friend trees from several countries around the world with some extraordinary images: the monumental olive trees from Puglia; the giant baobab trees reaching to the sky of Madagascar; and specimens from Galapagos, Iran and Corsica, all showing the power of poetry amongst their branches, foliage and roots.

Green Architecture
Following their own projects, these photographers present a magical kind of green architecture.
For many years Giorgio Majno has been looking for ancient trees in Italy and has found living trees that are 2000 years old. Riccardo Cavallari has photographed cut tree trunks to give them a new life. Lia Stein presents an emotional expression depicting tangled olive tree branches. With her camera Mimmi Moretti has captured in Corsica trees with wrinkled bark and branches sculptured by the wind and sea. Marco Siracusano’s artistic eye has depicted  them gently touched by the wind and Romana Zambon has collected photographs of native species as a memory of her journeys. All the artists have tried to understand the potent of Nature that has created such masterpieces that emanate powerful beauty.

Tree Exhibition, Living Sculptures at la Stanza del Vento from July until September 2017, Montemarcello (La Spezia) Italy.