What is pressitDRY?

This Fanzine arises spontaneously from the need for a space where freedom of expression and artistic experimentation flourish. The project finds fertile ground in the arms of Collectible DRY magazine and with this free press wants to plant the first seed for an increasingly international growth, dissolved by preconceptions and given rules. Our forces stand up for values like:

Sustainability of objects and actions, a term which, due to historical necessity, is always closer to that of Awareness.

Cultural Exploration, in the pursuit of an inner enrichment broadening one’s perception of the world.

Innovation, heartbeat driving our communities and opening the door to new visions of the future and a better understanding of the past.

Understanding the Reasons Why. Because it’s not enough to divide right from wrong but we need to see where they come from.

Press It DRY aims to gather 15 young creatives active in different fields, from photography to music to fashion design and theatre. A single Hub capable of hosting a mode rather than a category… Inside you will find a series of freely produced artworks, with the only one request to be yourself and be able to tell about the contemporary.

No prejudice, only curiosity.

Where and When?

Press It DRY will be distributed during Milano Design Week, throughout the different areas of Fuori Salone – mainly at Panoramix and Formidable in Lambrate Design District, Fabbrica del Vapore, Futuredome in Via Giovanni Paisiello 6 and Terrazza Martini.

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This Fanzine is not meant to be categorized in a specific genre, but rather it wants to propose a way of doing, with the attempt to stimulate the public and the hope of being a positive input. It’s all work in progress, free from labels, with the only focus of using the expression “artistic” as a language capable of tackling topics that are little discussed, with the attempt to stimulate the public and the hope of being a positive input.

With a strongly European / international imprint, Press It DRY searches for creatives willing to put themselves out there. For this reason it’s important for us to underline that none was paid for joining the project, but that the entire budget has been used for the realization. 


Error / Imperfection


Freedom of expression

Inclusivity and Community


On the cover the theme of Question and Doubt stand out, where a more organic hand-made illustration contrasts with a cleaner, analytical, almost encyclopedic typography… The drawing represents a question mark that becomes a labyrinth and, by playing with the fanzine’s fold, the Exclamation becomes Question: an invitation to change one’s statements into a game of dualisms.

With regard to the graphic overall, we focus on the search for a particular language also through the use of characters such as the type of font or special symbols (glyphs) employed instead of figures. Furthermore, the page of the answers has been studied with the idea of being a panel where each answer’s consistence or lightness can be outlined also visually, playing on the idea of pressing the glyphs! (Pressit). 

Meet our Project Manager

Giuseppe Laguzzi is a young creative close to the world of photography. Born in Milan in 1996, he grew up between the mountains and lush nature of Valsesia (Piedmont). Already during high school he worked and developed projects in the video, graphic and photographic field, which were capped off by the co-production of the short movie “Baccanti” and with the winning of the first prize at the 2013 Turin International Book Fair, for the short film: “Lib(e)rando libri”. The following year, at the end of his studies, he spent several months across European cities, such as Berlin, London and Paris, with the aim of enriching his knowledge and alternating work and cultural discoveries. Back to Italy, Giuseppe settled in Milan in mid-2017, where he started his collaboration with us, Collectible DRY, and at the same time won a scholarship in photography at the Raffles Milan institute, thus deepening his studies on art photography. During the master degree, he worked closely with personalities such as the photographer Piero Gemelli, the curator Matthias Harder (Helmut Newton Foundation) and the artist Erik Kessel, with whom he successfully cared about the collective exhibition “The Embarrassment show” (O’Artoteca Gallery, June 2018). At the beginning of 2018, he won a scholarship for the workshop St*Moritz Art Academy, held by the contemporary artist Alexandra Bircken, related to the theme of connections and network. In the continuous search for new stimuli and emerging realities, Giuseppe is active in various fields, from nightlife to underground and niche cultures, to the world of fashion and art.

Press It DRY

Project Manager Giuseppe Laguzzi
Graphic Designer Nicola Vecchio
Producer Designer Agnese Laguzzi
Web & Social Media Director Riccardo Gusti
Texts editor Fiammetta Cesana
Editor in chief Silvia Motta
Publisher Paolo Giola