Paulina Olowska’s performance for Furla Series #01

The collaboration between Fondazione Furla and the Museo del Novecento in Milan proceeds at a steady space and with abundant praise. Starting from September 2017 the project Time after Time, Space after Space has been surprising and delighting on a bimonthly basis its diverse audience, always attentive to performative languages.
A rich schedule of events dedicated to performances and experimentation with expressive forms involves national and international artists, such as Alexandra Bachzetsis, Simone Forti, Adelita Husni-Bey, Christian Marclay, sometimes with a special interpretation of the museum’s room Sala Fontana.

The project is a sort of “serialised exhibition” that reflects on performativity starting from Lucio Fontana’s concept of gesture, to whom the museum space is dedicated – the whole agenda is indeed a tribute to the anniversary of his death-. The events are therefore open to spatial research and research about artistic language.
Until next May a rich schedule of events will include talks, seminars, meetings, workshops, concerts and free guided tours of Milan. Tuesday 6 is going to be the day of Paulina Olowska, with her show Slavic Goddessess and the Ushers, inspired by modernist utopias and Polish culture of the socialist period. The show is a penetration of historical and cultural references that highlight and reflect the idea of feminism and consumerism, not without a surrealist touch. There is also a specific reference to the multifaceted artist Zofia Stryjeńska, illustrator, painter, graphic designer, stage designer, and a famous representative of the art deco style during the interwar period.
Six mannequins will be installed at the center of the Room, wearing the artist’s visionary costumes inspired by Stryjeńska’s painting Bożki słowiańskie (Slavic goddesses, 1918).
Goddesses of malice, dreams or deception, of mythology and Slavic folklore will stand in the center of the Room, activating a visionary and suggestive experience. Four leading figures (Ushers), interpreted by Dobrawa Borkala, Milovan Farronato, composer Sergei Tcherepnin and the artist herself, will invite the visitors to take part in this evocative ceremony.

Paulina Olowska. Slavic Goddesses and the Ushers

6 March 2018 From 18 to 21
Sala Fontana, Museo del Novecento, Milan
Free entrance