Angèle, 2013 © Scarlett Hooft-Graafland_Flowers Gallery

From 16th to 25th September, Amsterdam is the place to be for every photography lover in the Netherlands and further afield. Unseen Festival collaborates with cultural institutions, academies, photographers and artists, as well as local neighbourhood initiatives that take place throughout the city, in order to present photography in a distinct and unconventional way.

Photo enthusiasts can celebrate: the fifth edition of Unseen Photo Fair, from 23rd to 25th September, will present a great deal of brand new photography, the highlight being the Unseen Premieres. To date, 75 premieres – photographic works that have never been seen before at any gallery, institute or fair – by new and established artists have been confirmed… and the list keeps growing.


Cairo, from the series Standard, 2015 © Roger Eberhard_Galerie Robert Morat

Director of Unseen, Rixt Hulshoff Pol:

“It is fantastic that we are able to show so many Unseen Premieres again this year. The involvement and willingness of such a large variety of participating galleries and artists to create authentic and new work prove that they really embrace the concept of Unseen. Whoever comes to Unseen in September to spot new and unseen work will be blown away by the scale and quality of the premieres.”

Tokyo, from the series Standard, 2015 © Roger Eberhard_Galerie Robert Morat

New work by old friends

Amongst this year’s premiering artists are a number that have made new works for Unseen before, including Iranian photographer Abbas Kowsari, presented by Ag Galerie (IR), French photographer Tiane Doan na Champassak, presented by Kahmann Gallery (NL), Italian photographer Lorenzo Vitturi, presented by Flowers Gallery (UK/US), Japanese photographer Motohiro Takeda, presented by IBASHO (BE), as well as Dutch photographers Viviane Sassen, presented by Stevenson (ZA), and Elspeth Diederix, presented by Stigter Van Doesburg (NL).

Panama City, from the series Standard, 2015 © Roger Eberhard_Galerie Robert Morat

Unseen Premieres rookies

In addition to returning Premiere artists, there is also an impressive list of photographers who are committed to making an Unseen Premiere for the first time. These newcomers include British photographer Isaac Julien, presented by Ron Mandos (NL), French photographer Margot Wallard, presented by Grundemark Nilsson Gallery (SE/DE), and American photographer Roger Ballen, presented by Galerie Alex Daniëls – Reflex Amsterdam (NL). Also German photographer Christiane Feser, presented by Galerie Anita Beckers (DE), Flemish photographer Katrien de Blauwer, presented by Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire (FR), South-Sudanese photographer Atong Atem, presented by Red Hook Labs (US), Swiss photographer Douglas Mandry, presented by BILDHALLE (CH), and many others will present new work at Unseen.

beast, 2016 © Mari Katayama_G_P gallery + Rin Art Association