Current Issue #20

Humanity and identity change in a continuous process of undermining forms and consciences. Ideas grow and develop, burn out and become replaced by new thoughts. Every now and then they come back, in the form of ideology, poetry and art. Evolution is the new theme that guides the research of Collectible DRY Issue 20, in an attempt to intercept the impulses of contemporary reality. The critical eye of Collectible DRY has chosen to dissect the main theme of this issue into four categories: Power, Ecology, Beauty and Technology. Four cornerstones that articulate complex thoughts and narratives to plunge ourselves in the strange times we live in.

Thus begins a new attitude of reflection to satisfy the Collectible DRY community. That group of curious thinkers who find their cultural identity in the vocation of the non-conformist narrative of the visual arts. In a profound dialogue between fashion and art, politics and performance, Collectible DRY issue 20 rediscovers the myth of Annarella Giudici, the benemerita soubrette of the Italian punk band CCCP. From the claims of the Italian youth groups of the 1980s, the focus shifts on Oceania, to unravel the mysteries surrounding the ancient symbols of power of indigenous peoples. And with an international vision, art critic Chiara Guidi’s words recontextualise the path of some outstanding artists who participated at the Venice Art Biennale.

The path of Collectible DRY, however, remains linked to the modern age. History of Night and Destiny of Comets is the evocative title of the Italian Pavilion by Gian Maria Tosatti, protagonist of the Venice Biennale 2022 and of our current cover star. On the pages of the new paper issue Tosatti establishes an exclusive dialogue with curator Eugenio Viola, trying to illuminate the paths of modern art. Outside the studios and back in the streets, Felipe Pantone’s art aims to find a meeting point between the analogue past and the digital future. Felipe Pantone presents his latest creation from his collaboration with Poltrona Frau, a perfect metaphor for what contemporary art really is nowadays.

Evolution cannot ignore the words of the new generations. The young actress Caterina Sala thus offers us multiple points of reflection on the aspirations of those who are ready to rewrite the rules of the future. The one who is really breaking down these rules is Carlos Saéz, the multimedia artist whose works investigate the points of contact between the human body and the machine, as it is shown on one of our covers. His research perfectly describes a world where humanity must necessarily come to terms with technology, which has become an unavoidable element of our existence.

The digital dimension deeply affects our lives and Collectible DRY issue 20 tries to highlight those interconnections considering the contemporary culture landscape. The CLU++ER x TWIICE project, developed by the Haute École d’Art et de Design in Geneva, reveals the potential of technology as applied to human life. Similarly, Maiko Takeda’s ambivalent masks pose fundamental questions about the definition of the human body.



Multimedia artist Carlos Sàez wears his artwork Ex Corpse, 2021, Automotive part, iron, plastic and resin.




Ina Jense wears black wool jacket and skirt, cotton poplin shirt, Dior. Red brushed leather slingback pumps Prada.

White and black print poplin dress used as a flag, Ann Demeulemeester.


ON COVER COLLECTIBLE DRY VOL. 20 Artist Gian Maria Tosatti


Artist Gian Maria Tosatti the solo protagonist of the Italian Pavillon at the 59th Venice Biennale.


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