After the debut of My Favorite Things with DRY issue #15 , you will find now a new amazing edition of the volume!

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The paradigm of the fashion/social system is completely changing. Digital fashion week, remote shooting, virtual figures… we are bonding with the artificial world more tightly than ever.
Is it enough to think ‘it will be fine, let’s go back to humanity, let’s re-set, let’s trust the good common sense’?
Reasoning philosophically and spiritually almost made me feel lazy and passive.
Shall we perhaps reflect on our future with a physic/scientific mind? Digging my thoughts, I came up with the word ‘NUCLEUS’ and all basic materials, ‘ELEMENTS’.
* Nucleus, Mineral, Dust, Sand, Soil, Mud, Gravel, Stone, Rock, Planet, Space…
*Air, Inhale, Exhale, Breath, Sigh, Ventilation, Breeze, Wind, Typhoon…
*Water, Droplet, Ice, Frost, Rain, Vapor, Fog, cloud…
*Fire, Spark, Static electricity, Sparkler, Glitter, Lighting, Lightning…
This is the intimate, big narration around the primitive elements which lead to the theme ‘NATURALIA’.

Have a look now to our three stunningly naturalis cover stars!

CollectibleDRY Vol. 16_NATURALIA_cover starring Bakar


Bakar wears a brown wool coat with shoulder pads, trousers and gloves Rick Owens. Beanie Acne Studios

Photography Machine Operated. Starring Bakar. Fashion Director Woo Lee. Styling Elliot Long.
Hair & Make Up Megumi Matsuno. Set Designer Y Lan Lucas. Executive Producer & Art Buying Camilla Tisi @ToTheMoonStudio. Production Claire Burman @Cebestudio. Production Assistant Afeni Payne-Bonnick. Fashion Assistant Omar Stewart.

CollectibleDRY Vol. 16_NATURALIA_cover starring Floria Sigismondi


Floria wears a tulle mask Giambattista Valli

Photography Brandon Bowen. Starring Floria Sigismondi. Fashion Director Woo Lee. Styling Lisa Jarvis.
Hair Sienree Du @CelestineAgency. Make Up Erin Ayanian @CloutierRemixAgency. Set Art Direction Matea Friend. Casting Director & Executive Producer & Art Buying Camilla Tisi @ToTheMoonStudio. Production Andrea Sastoque. Photo Assistant David Friend. Fashion Market Editor Raziel Martinez. Fashion Assistant Damaris Leah Verde.

CollectibleDRY Vol. 16_NATURALIA_cover starring Serena Sy


Serena wears a black mirrored turtleneck gown and necklace Burberry

Photography Constantin Schlachter. Fashion Director Woo Lee. Model Serena Sy @Makers.
Hair Sadek L @TheWallGroup. Make Up Min Kim @TheWallGroup. Casting Director Emmanuelle Delserieys @Creartvt. Fashion & Production Coordinator Andrea Colace. Fashion Assistants Esperanza Teràn & Nina Abdelfettah.

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