Collectible DRY hosts for the first time new volume My Favorite Things!
Here is a little preview of how we combined the two issues.

Collectible DRY Vol.15 Cover Lindsey Wixson


Lindsey Wixson wears a black flounced dress in organza embroidered with flowers and embellished with jewelled buttons Chanel Haute Couture

Photography Elina Kechicheva @TalentandPartner. Fashion Editor Woo Lee. Hair Werner Amort @JulianWatsonAgency. Make Up Lili Choi @Calliste Agency. Model Lindsey Wixson @DManagement Group. Photo Assistant Maya Zardi. Fashion Assistant Fabrizio Lorenzi.

Collectible DRY Vol.15 Cover Tess McMillan


Tess McMillan wears a lace trim embroidered cotton dress Burberry

Photography Elizaveta Porodina. Fashion Editor Lisa Jarvis. Hair Peter Grey @Home Agency. Make Up Ryan Burke @Industry. Set Designer Colin Lytton. Model Tess McMillan @Muse. Market Editor Raz Martinez. Fashion Assistant Celine Azena.

Collectible DRY Vol. 15 Cover Peggy Gou


Peggy Gou wears a leather coat Lacoste Flower print top N21

Photography Hong Jang Hyun. Fashion Editor Woo Lee. Hair Hester Wernert @AuthenticBeautyConcept @WSM. Make Up Yvonne Wengler. Model Peggy Gou. Producer Danny Muster Works. Photo Assistant Yang Joong San. Fashion Assistants Danny Muster and Sabrina Rommel.

Collectible DRY Vol. 15 Cover Nadia Lee Cohen


Nadia wears a top, skirt and gloves Gucci. Shoes Versace Charlie wears vest and pants Gucci. Loafers Salvatore Ferragamo

Photography Nadia Lee Cohen & Charlie Denis. Fashion Editor Rebecca Ramsey. Hair Jake Gallagher. Make Up Lilly Keys. Producer Virgin Soil Pictures & DMB represents. Creative Producer Camilla Tisi. Production Assistant Lilia Gabbro. Photo Assistant Aaron Sinclair. Make Up Assistant Koah Arellanes.

Collectible DRY Vol.15 Cover Calvin


Calvin wears a classic wool jacket, silk shirt and tie Celine

Photography Lucian Bor. Fashion Editor Belén Casadevall @Engeneersofchange-Agency. Hair Javier Palacio @Capsuleagence. Make Up Maria Olsson @Wiseandtalented. Model Calvin @preminummodels. Casting Director Emmanuelle Delserieys @Creartvt. Set Designer Nicolas Plinio. Photo Assistants Maud Mahobah and Marie Leroy. Fashion Assistant Clemence Chatain.

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