Disneyland Paris will dedicate a weekend to homosexual people with the Magical Pride parade

In memory of the Stonewall riots, considered one of the most important events in history leading to gay liberations, the biggest parades dedicated to the LGBT community globally have always been in June. But this year the first day of this month will have a great surprise. On that date in fact a rainbow will cover the most famous theme park in the world, opening the doors to the first gay pride parade at Disneyland Paris. Artists will hold a concert joining all the Disney characters together with those who love fairy tales and support diversity and inclusion.

A magical night to defend the rights and the freedom of a dream that must become true, the one we call “love is love”.

It is not something new, however, that the entertainment resort claimed to be proudly gay-friendly. In fact, already in October 2018, it hosted the unofficial event of Gay Days, where a crowd of LGBT supporters had filled rides and photo booths with the beloved characters of Disney world.