by Felicia Boettcher

During the days you have a choice to either chill out or party. If you feel like the latter one you can choose between different locations. The most well known, might be Ocean Club in Puerto Banus and Nikki Beach in Elviria (15 min from Marbella by taxi). If you desire to have an extravagant time I would recommend the Champagne parties that both beach clubs throw on a weekly basis. Just be warned, those are going to hurt your wallet. Personally I prefer to go there for lunch or just for a “shisha” at the bar with some friends.

Ocean Club 

Nikki Beach

There are, nevertheless, several alternatives like the brand new NAÔ Pool Club and Restaurant by Olivia Valere located in Puerto Banus. As the name suggerst it is not situated directly at the see. It just opened in July, but, from what I have heard, it has become an insider tip already.

NAÔ Pool Club

Otherwise, you could check out La Sala by the Sea. This beach club is known to be a slightly more affordable address, which attracts a younger, party-touristic cliental.

La Sala by the Sea

My personal favourite, however, is the Beach Club Estrella Del Mar of the established luxury hotel Los Monteros, as I find it the most classy option.

Beach Club Estrella del Mar 

A great feature of Marbella in general, that I would like to share with you at this point, is that along the coast you have an infinite choice of good restaurants that are just on the beach. This you should bare in mind when you’re planning a chilled beach day.

If you want to stay in the Marbella/ Puerto Banus area you must check out Victors Beach. There you can find a relatively empty spot, rent a paddle board or just relax in the beach bar of the restaurant with a glass of wine. If you stay long enough you might get into the joy of hearing life music of the restaurant.

Victors Beach

Between Elvira and Marbella a kilometre long beach stretches along the coast. Here you can walk for hours and stop for a bite to eat or sunbath anywhere. My personal favourite addresses to eat and/or rent a sun bed are Siroko Beach, Bono Beach and Karma Beach.

Siroko Beach

Bono Beach

Karma Beach