From Chanel the perfect mascara thanks to the extraordinary laser-printed applicator

Text by: Sandra Bardin

The secret to make your eye look irresistible is the same as ever: a set of thick, long, curved lashes. So there is no eye makeup without mascara. And this is why decorative cosmetics is constantly looking for the holy grail, which is the perfect mascara that gives fabulous eyelashes like no one ever. The news is that now that magical product exists, it is called Le Volume Révolution de Chanel. “A work that marks a real turning point in makeup”, the historic maison proudly explains. “A new generation mascara, the first with 3D printed design applicator, a feature that allows us to offer a result that otherwise would have been impossible, that is, adding in one product all the qualities that make the eyelashes sublime”.

Unlike the lipstick or foundation where the formula is almost all that matters, for mascara the applicator is not just part of the packaging, but for the eyelashes’ effect it is as important as the formula. Over the years we have seen dispensers of all kinds: thick, thin, straight, curved, spiral, double-layer bristles, etc., but we would never have imagined a 3D printed brush. The incredible performance of Le Volume Révolution is due to the innovative technology of this laser print that allows you to create bristles of absolute precision: their honeycomb structure absorbs the mascara allowing the layering without lumps and without the need to repeatedly take product between a coat and the other.

Thus a texture based on wax, gelling agents, pure pigments plus a reinforcing pro-vitamin, allows cosmetic to perfectly fulfill its mission: to give the eyelashes splendor and definition. In 3D.