A time capsule taking us back to the imaginative experiments of the early Twentieth century cinema has landed at the Hermès store in Rome, Via Condotti 67.

Text by: Charlotte Garlaschelli

Between dream and reality, this impalpable and yet true world is capable of ferrying us towards possible and impossible things, towards the pleasure of artisanal and playful techniques, like the tricks of Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, the optical games of Georges Méliès and the narrative and inventive ability of Raymond Roussel.
Actually, all these people lived at the time of Émile Hermès. And so our travel starts, or could have started, in 1908. A time capsule that installs three different universes inside the Roman boutique, all connected by imagination and by the mutual topic of games: curiosities, tricks, chests filled with memories.

All this was created and entrusted to the creativity of French designer Matali Cresset and contemporary art curator Stéphane Corréard. For nine months, their works will transform the Hermès space on via Condotti 67 in three “stage designs”, rich in history, references, magic and illusion, but in constant dialogue with the products by Maison Hermès.

From March 8 to May 18 Housini’s conjuring will be the opening of fantastic stories, riddles to be solved and beautiful historical objects, such as the clock Arceau Le temps suspendu, a travel case, a skateboard and a Le Flâneur bicycle. All these treasures will communicate with the works by the artists Louise Hervé and Chloé Maillet, inspired by science and fiction. Followed, from May till September, by a mesmerising journey in company of the famous illusionist Georges Méliès. Here you will be able to immerse yourself in a world of wallpapers and light effects, while discovering the genius that has always distinguished the first and greatest experimental filmmaker in history. Accessories and objects will continue to dialogue with the concomitant Galleria del Prestigio where Yves Netzhammer’s sculptures, videos and illustrations will “respond” to Méliès’s magical inventions.

Finally, until December, our travel will be delighted by playwright and father of pataphysics Raymond Roussel, in memory of his exploration of Alsace and Switzerland in the mid-Twenties. Seats, folding beds, dishes, tools and trunks, word games and codewords will allow us to explore the playful, light and witty spirit that used to entertain the Parisian bourgeoisie in the early Twentieth century.
Objects, Light and Words: three great themes will pay tribute to some of the early Twentieth century protagonists of continental history and culture. An experience that can hardly be matched within the world of boutiques.