Milan Linate’s hangar will host the Emporio Armani celebration event

Looking at the effects of the supermodern age and its relentless mobility, non-places are pointed out as one of them. The anthropologist Marc Augé describes spots like motorways, bus stations, and airports as places without authenticity, where their functionality of transaction makes people remain anonymous. Non-places are alleged to have no memories and historical meanings. 

Today, however, the Milanese airport is far from being a place without significance… Within this animated week of glamour, indeed, it turns to be one of the most eagerly-awaited event-hubs. 

Since 1996, Linate’s hangar wears the name “Emporio Armani”, welcoming travelers from all over the world with its enormous neon logo. And now, for the first time it will be opened as an actual fashion site by presenting Armani SS19 catwalks.

Entitled “Emporio Armani Boarding”, the show is accompanied by capsule collection designed for the occasion and it will host 2,300 guests alongside the lucky ones who will win the ticket via a contest. 

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