Jeff Bark and Michael Casker collaborate to create those stunning images.
Who am I? What am I doing here? Where am I going in life?
Questions that echo in our minds countless times throughout the span of our lives. Humans constantly ponder the meaning and purpose of existence and are no strangers to periodic existential crises. Today, while we face a new yet questionable era with a man who many have described as unfit for the role of leader of the free world, those existential questions have come back to plague us. Geopolitical situations aside, we have watched all systems by which we live by get tossed over and overturned. We are living in a time where art is now at the mercy of commerce, and a numbers game that has yet to be quantified in its effectiveness, is desperately trying to bridge intellectual discourse with public appeal. Apocalyptic prophecies seem to bait industry analysts, swiftly crowning sustainability as the modern day holy grail sought by all. The once glorious reign of the aspirational world of creative industries, which found itself at first glance in a dialogue with the masses, now seems to be on the receiving end of ideas in demand.
Reality Tv has replaced quality content according to some, and has proceeded to infiltrate the once pristine worlds of the elite, leading all the way to the White House. Chicken Little’s “the sky is falling!” has been replaced with “the robots are coming!”.