Text by Sandra Bardin
Cover illustration by Sabine Pigalle
Translation by Fiammetta Cesana

At relaxed lockdown the beauty tips of experts remain precious, at least for those who do not have the patience to wait for their turn in perfumery and salon coiffure.

Lipstick? So yes. Those who feel naked without a beautiful colour on their lips won’t have to give it up, just choose an appropriate formula: long lasting lipsticks are opaque, but not as dry as the indelible ones of yesteryear, and leave the lips soft. Dior Addict Lip Tatto, no-transfer formula with enhanced pigmentation, moisturizing action and impeccable long lasting 12 hours: new shades, Natural Cranberry and Natural Almond. Those instead who prefer bright red can choose one of the 26 couture shades of Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge: the formula, explains Dior make-up creative director Peter Phillips, reconciles the lightness of an ink, the richness of a lip moisturizer and the top chromatic saturation in semi-matte luminous finish. Velvety as the name says, Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême, sophisticatedly mat in ten shades, while Chanel Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue has a double performance: at one end no-transfer mat, liquid, on the other transparent gloss that, removed the mask, you can always add. Long lasting 8 hours.

Eyelashes! With half face hidden by the mask, the gaze becomes protagonist. Even during the day, a more intense make-up than usual is allowed, but if you want to focus on your eyelashes, “only” mascara can be enough, the real strength of the summer make-up. From Gucci the new L’Obscur, lasting 12 hours, has a unique formula with a modular volume that let you customize the performance. As Thomas de Kluyver, global maison make-up artist says, for a classic look, use the applicator horizontally by opening the lashes in a seductive fan; for a bolder look, use the brosse vertically, pointed bristles capturing even the thinnest ends shape high definition eyelash rays. For Tom Pecheux, global beauty director YSL Beauté, light eye shadow is the ideal contrast to enhance the lashes: for example a preciously “nude” shade such as Satin Crush Shade N.1, Scandalous Beige, brings out the eyelashes with the new Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Radical, colour of particular intensity with black coal.

Hair. The most regretted beauty maintenance during the long lockdown without hairdresser cis about the colour, especially when mèches and dyes are light-toned. Those who have experimented the new Expert Blondifier series specialties from L’Oréal Professionnel could prevent discoloration by keeping their hair shiny, hydrated and radiant. Even now that you can touch up the regrowth at the salon, it is useful to use at home the special Cool Shampoo for blonde hair, as well as an anti-toning serum to choose from between Warm Blonde Perfector, Sun Kissed Perfector or Cool Blonde Perfector, anti yellow.

Illustration by Sabine Pigalle. The work belongs to the My Corona Diary series that the artist published on Instagram, one a day during the period of tight lockdown in France to react with humor to the climate of melancholy and bewilderment in the inconceivability of the general situation. The series is on sale online in favor of #artistsupportpledge. Other information on