International golfer Ko Jin-young reflects upon her rise to success and how this can be turned into a means of supporting worthy causes

Editing by: Gilda Bruno

As a professional golfer, I never once imagined that someday I’d be playing in tournaments with no spectators at all. Unfortunately, that’s become the norm due to the pandemic, and we golfers have just had to get used to being on the course without fans in the gallery to cheer on our successes, and commiserate with our missteps. There’s so much we took for granted – the interaction with the crowd, not having to social-distance from other players, and getting to try all the great food and see the sights at each stop on the tour. But in difficult times like these, when it’s easy to become closed off from your neighbors, it’s important that we still try to connect with, and take care of each other.

I was 10 when I first started playing golf, and at that time, I remember our family was having some financial difficulties, and things weren’t always that easy. There were definitely moments when it seemed like I would have to completely abandon my dream of becoming a pro golfer. But, ultimately, I was able to continue on my journey, thanks to the belief and support of people who wanted to see me achieve my goal, and make the dream I had since I was a little girl become a reality.

I have so much gratitude for everyone who helped me through those tough times and steered me away from self-doubt and worry. Performing to the best of my ability each time I step on the course, and giving maximum effort every time I train, is my way of rewarding their kindness and honoring their faith in me. The people that helped me get here are always in my mind and close to my heart. And it’s also because of them that I vowed to be the kind of person who helps others to realize their dreams.

One of the best things about being a successful, international golfer is that you have a global platform that you can use to positively impact others’ lives. And one of the things I love to talk about is how important it is for us as individuals – and as a society – to share and be generous. For me, that means actively sponsoring and donating to worthy causes, and sharing the good fortune I’ve been blessed with to lift others up.

STRONGER TOGETHER Charity ActionSince 2020, I have been an ambassador for LG SIGNATURE, a premium brand from LG Electronics. This year, LG SIGNATURE joins the Amundi Evian Championship as an official sponsor, and has planned a variety of charity events to celebrate its sponsorship, and more importantly, to give those facing challenges a helping hand. Such events are a wonderful opportunity for me to not only engage with fans but to show my support for worthwhile causes. And as brand ambassador, I jumped at the chance to be involved.

The first event is a series of online auctions, where I’ll be putting up some of my most treasured golfing possessions, and LG SIGNATURE will be donating an LG SIGNATURE OLED R with custom engraving option as well as tickets for the Pro-Am Event at next year’s Championship. All proceeds will go to Sur les bancs de l’école, a Parisian non-profit organization supporting the educational needs of children with autism.

Like LG SIGNATURE, I feel it is very important that students with autism get the specialized help they need to succeed, especially since they had such a tough time learning from home during the pandemic. So, I am deeply honored to give these items, and my time, to help contribute to their continuing education.

It is my hope that, by sharing, I can be a good influence and encourage others to do the same. For I strongly believe that if we all share what we can – however much or however little that might be – we can make the world a better place.

Let’s all do our best to stay safe and continue to take care of ourselves, our neighbors, and each other.STRONGER TOGETHER Charity Action

You can donate to the online charity auction “STRONGER TOGETHER” by visiting the following link between 9–18 July