Interview by: Annarosa Laureti

October is the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As every year several are the initiatives aiming to support medical research and sensitize people to face up with reality. If generally we tend (or rather we want) not to see world’s damages we have to remember that one of the main current disease is so slimy and insidious that the best way to fight it is prevention.

AIRC, the Italian Foundation for Cancer Research, struggles to make circumvention a concept widely acknowledged by people. For years its Nastro Rosa (Pink Narrow) initiative has been overseeing the research of breast cancer, the most frequent cancer that is still damaging one woman out of eight, 52.000 women in a year in Italy.

As a confirmation of the increasingly fashion’s attention to social issues, also the Italian brand Momonì will launch a project entirely focused on the very AIRC’s symbol, that this year turns incomplete to represent the commitment beside all those women who deal with the most aggressive cancer’s form.

On 24th October four different bracelets will be sold – at the prize of 10 euros – in selected Italian flagship stores and entire proceeds will be donate to AIRC to support its research.

Momonì X AIRC, Courtesy of Momonì
Momonì X AIRC, Courtesy of Momonì

To know more about Momonì initiative we had a little talk with the designer Michela Klinz, who reminds us that “a simple prevention exam can really safe lifes” and that the resposability of people’s consciousness must weight on everybody.

Annarosa: “A small gesture can make a difference”… Is this the philosophy on the behalf of Momonì project supporting AIRC research?

Michela: This year we thought about a fashion accessory that both women and men would appreciate, an accessory easy but also captivating that now everybody wears. So the idea of an handmade bracelet was born, precious but with an accessible prize. Color has been always the main feature of Momonì world so also this object is colorful and its lock reminds the very AIRC’s symbol to best highlight the bond between the brand and the Association.

In the end, yes, Momonì puts an effort supporting AIRC’s research with a small gesture that, made by several people, can become a great commitment, both financial and moral.

Nowadays holding up the research is fundamental and it is the only way to concretely contribute to the fight against several disease that unfortunately infects more and more families.

Momonì designer Michela Klinz, Courtesy of Momonì
Momonì designer Michela Klinz, Courtesy of Momonì

A: This isn’t the first time you joined a social initiative…

M: No, it isn’t. We have been supporting AIRC and Mummy&Daddy – an Onlus taking care of an orphanage in India – for years. Two beloved friends of mine, Rossella and Patrizia, put me in contact with these two realities and let me touch with hand danger situations to help. I think that direct witness an the example of people close we estimate strongly sensitize us to do good. And doing good brings back good too.

Momonì X Mommy&Daddy, Courtesy of Momonì
Momonì X Mommy&Daddy, Courtesy of Momonì

A: During the past years fashion has become true mouthpiece of social issues, from the green factor to racism and, in this case, also to the fight against one of the worst current diseases. Do you think fashion is a good echo chamber?

M: Fashion is increasingly spreading out messages of peace and sustainability. We are all “touched” by fashion and its trends, also thanks to social media… so it has become a great tool to transmit positives teachings. We have to take advantage of fashion also trying to catching teens’ attention making them more and more aware about green issues and other current matters.

Momonì Fall Winter 2019 Collection, Courtesy of Momonì
Momonì Fall Winter 2019 Collection, Courtesy of Momonì

A: As a woman you are supporting the Pink Narrow addressed to the female universe. Your brand Momonì shares the same audience. What does it mean for you being a female designers who “draws for women”?

M: It’s a truly honor creating collections for women, and to me it means understanding them day by day proposing outfits able to let them feeling well and loved, first of all by themselves. Women are increasingly busy and their wardrobe has to be comfortable and refined at the same time. I think a dress is a kind of second skin where you have to feel at ease, also in tough situations. My purpose is that of satisfying all those needs proposing unconventional collections, different from those of fast fashion.

Actually I’m also very inspired by women who work in the company. I’m very close to them and I see we share the same goals: to best manage family and business tasks always with a smile on the face and… with a beautiful dress on of course!


You will find the bracelets in the following Italian Momonì stores:

TREVISO 25, Piazza dei Signori
VERONA 10, Corso Sant’Anastasia
VICENZA 16, Contrà Muscheria
PADOVA 27, Via San Fermo
BOLOGNA 6A, Via Clavature
FIRENZE 2, Via degli Agli
MILANO 3,  Corso Como
ROMA 81/83, Via di Campo Marzio
ROMA 166, Via del Babuino