Text by: Annarosa Laureti

How often in our life do we face up with time? Just image, you are in a hurry and you are literally running like a marathoner wearing your fabulous new heels to the bus stop when that awful thing happens… the bus just races in front of you. If only you went out two damn seconds before! Or again… at the crossroad, during a sunny day, you decide to take the longer street just to have a peaceful little walk but suddenly you bump into your crush or, even worse, into your ex. Whether you decide to stay at home during a Friday night or you simply opt for joining a friend for a cocktail, every single decision you make can change your life, without you can even realize it.

Maybe we thought what to do such a long time before making our choice but when it comes that scary decision moment there’s nothing to do… it’s all about seconds and our instinct, and a bit of lucky of course.

This is the concept of the new “It’s all about seconds” Campaign of the new J12 timepiece by Chanel Horlogerie, that also reflects the very belief of the House founder Mlle Coco Chanel.

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On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, this iconic timepiece – first designed by Jacques Helleu for himself as a timeless, sporty and all black piece inspired by automobiles and sailing worlds – returns in a new light thanks to the director of Chanel Watch Creation Studio Arnaud Chastaingt not altering the very watch’s soul.

Nine Chanel ambassadors and muses were called to interpret J12 spirit, telling their relationship with the watch and, above all, with time. In a friendly attitude, abandoning their heavy public figure’s mask and role, these wonderful women – Ali Macgraw, Anna Mouglalis, Vanessa Paradis and her daughter Lily-Rose Depp, Keira Knightley, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Liu Wen and Carole Bouquet – confess their secret anecdotes and memories, giving birth to a very stream of consciousness scanned second after second by Chanel horologe.

In particular, made in black or white highly resistant ceramic and steel, it embodies watches’ essence: according to the just 20-year-old Lily-Rose Depp, in fact, it tells time and “beautify the wrist” and “it’s also a special jewelry” as the great Ali Macgraw points out. Its case equipped with a sapphire crystal let all the women like Vanessa Paradis, lover of everything running fast, discover the new 12.1 caliber automatic movement developed by the new Suisse Kenissi Manufacture; on the contrary all of those who mind about time passing, as Naomi the Legend Campbell, can indeed admire the refined bezel with its reduced crown of the iconic ceramic cabochon detail.

If everything seems to go faster and faster and if slowing time down can be the key to relax and do much more things in our life – as Claudia Schiffer claims – wearing a timepiece will be definitely the better choice to not miss even a single crucial moment. Chanel, with the J12, wants to give us a truly real friend, always beside us when we have to make a change as well as when we want simply enjoy the timeless moments par excellence, that of love, like Keira Knightley sweetly reminds us.


Cover: Lily-Rose Depp wears Chanel J12 timepiece, CHANEL Watches, Courtesy of CHANEL