Welcoming its guests inside a secret cave from eco fur walls and soft fitted carpet, Hogan recreated a little Artic corner in Milan to launch its FW 2019 Collection.

Taking inspiration from the northern hemisphere – and the Hygge style in particular – the brand has reinterprets the great classic items of the winter-wear in a very cool way.

Hogan woman is ready to ice clambing in her faux-fur sporty boots enriched with rope laces, while Hogan man don’t forget to be elegant and pretty cozy and warm in his structured over-parkas even if in the frost

Brand icon pieces – the “MAX.I.ACTIVE” for her and the “URBAN TREK” for him – presented on ice blocks, are declined in glacier tones as well as the entire collection’s color palette that reflects the typical shades of the Cold North, showing tones of ice white, silver, stone black and boreal pink and blue.

Finally the bags are thought to be extremely practical with a fashionable touch as well: maxi and wisely accessorized shown fax fur and shearling details.