COLLIDE - Greg Lauren & Moncler

Collide – a new collection from Moncler which links the brand to the creative world of Greg Lauren, multifaceted American artist and fashion designer.

Fragments of recicled vintage denim garments and other used fabrics are incorporated into classic puffer jackets -creating a stratification with an emotive, narrative approach.

Greg Lauren has drawn on his artistic work in his independent concept of Fashion Design, which revolves around the specific theme of vintage. With him, Moncler has created around 200 unique and Limited Edition clothing pieces – mens, womens and unisex, with focus on iconic designs from the brand’s heritage.



‘‘It all revolves around the concept of ‘destroyed elegance’, and ‘imperfect perfection’’’, Greg Lauren explains, ‘‘and around a philosophy of absolute uniqueness and originality. Each of these items came about thanks to a creative fusion suggested by morphology or the possibility for metamorphosis of Moncler’s heritage. I grew up in a family where the tailoring culture was practised in a form I can only define as religious (Greg is Ralph Lauren’s nephew). It is no coincidence that my creations, all of which I produce in my atelier in Los Angeles, tell a story of the role we embody in life, in our families and our social circle. What I try to identify with my fashion work is an idea of new luxury which is customised and rendered unique, far beyond any brand uniformity or generalised trend.’’ ‘‘In looking at who we are and why we wear what we wear’’, Greg adds, ‘‘I love taking iconic ideas and reinterpreting them through the artistic blender, deconstructing what we thought we knew, so that we see it differently, a familiar vocabulary becomes a new language, one which we can still connect to emotionally”.


Collide will be available  from Fall 2017.