Text by: Annarosa Laureti

There is nothing more gratifying than buying a new wonderful pair of design heels. Happy and smiling, fiercely go out the shop with your polished last purchase, just thinking of the perfect occasion when to show it off.

Picturing yourself charmer than ever, suddenly you bump into a truly nightmare. You can’t believe it: that witch in front of you is wearing the same shoes of yours!

In the world of mass consumption and globalization, is it really impossible to find out and dress up with something unique nowadays?

If you, like us, are the kind of person always looking for a special and exclusive item, #MyFendiColibri program will make you really happy. With the new Fendi Made-To-Order service, in fact, customizing your favourite heels has never been so easy.

Following few simple steps, you will get your personal Colibrì and finally have no fear to find an undesirable shoes-twin by the street!

#MyFendiColibrì program, Courtesy of Fendi

First of all, what you have to do is choosing the occasion you want to put on your new exclusive shoes. Born less than two years ago with Fendi Spring Summer 2018 collection, with its colorful appearance and sporty details taken directly from the trekking world, in fact, young Colibrì heels could be perfect for both day and night and match with many different outfits.

If you think about something to wear during your daily routine, we suggest you to opt for the short heel-length one (55mm) and, among the seven combinations available for the front toe, beige pink satin or red grey tech mesh are definitely what you need to face spring season.

#MyFendiColibrì program, Courtesy of Fendi

But no worries, also the fashionist logo-addicted souls will be satisfied: Fendi, obviously, proposes also a mesh variation enriched with the iconic FF monogram.

Then, if you have an unconditional passion for nightlife, you should go for the high-heeled Colibrì (85mm), customized with a black satin or an animalier print calf-hair front toe.

#MyFendiColibrì program, Courtesy of Fendi

So the last step to make your Colibrì wholly distinctive is, obviously, adding up your initials on the ribbon detail…

You just need to remember one thing: unfortunately, as all the self-respecting dreams and wizardries, #MyFendiColibri program has an end! Though it won’t finished after the midnight, the custom made service is available on selected worldwide flagship store until the end of 2019.