The wait is over: the premier issue of Collectible DRY is finally out. Go out, get it and read about Christian Bale, The Alkaline Diet, The Male Nude, and much more. And enjoy the beautiful images we created for our fashion, art and design stories. #dontrepeatyourself

In software engineering, DRY(“Don’t Repeat Yourself,” also known as “Single Source of Truth”), is a principle of software design and development that reduces repetitive logics and redundancies. “Every piece of knowledge must have a single, unambiguous, authoritative representation within a system.”###
Today we live in an e-deology constantly connected to the infosphere, where information is handled automatically. Collectible DRY wants to be a platform of unendorsed points of view; a place where meaning prevails over an overload of the repeatable. It looks at the world through eyes-wide-open. This is global storytelling, connecting modernity with tradition, making future interact with memory.
Fashion is not rhetorical, fashion tells stories. Fashion is not dead, it simply is. It is everywhere, its driving force increasing as it expands its influence and accumulates evidence of the impact it has on our lives. Collectible DRY wants to awaken imaginations, providing information that reduces uncertainties. Imagination is an effort that focuses on everything, even the ability to love. And love is to imagine the impossible. No prejudices, no boundaries, no technical divide, regardless of gender or sex. We must impartially rid ourselves of every rigid standard, accept the flexibility of preference, the temporary nature of choice. Be omnivorous. Only by restoring value to meanings will we have greater freedom.
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### Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas in their book “the pragmatic programmer” 1999, Addison Wesly