Even if Christmas is gone, Holiday madness hasn’t finished yet. Don’t get crazy because of the perfect make-up for New Year’s Eve and take a look to our sparkle choices

Text by: Annarosa Laureti

During New Year’s Eve parties the only thing to do is to shine on. Reading our last selections you have found the perfect fragrance – and accessory as well – to be remembered, but what about make-up? If you don’t have any ideas about latest wonderful items on the market, be tempted to our short pick and run in a perfume shop to buy what you love most!

Midnight Wish by Dior

Who doesn’t like glitter? Maybe even the simplest and shyest girl has though once to wear those incredible shining make-ups seen on magazines. You can satisfy this secret desire trying on the eye shadow palette 5 Couleurs of the new Midnight Wish Holiday Look 2018 Collection by Dior.

Peter Philips, Creative Director of Dior Make-up, for the celebrations of this end of the year, reinvented Christian Dior’s lucky charm star presenting a selection of items whose main signature is gold and sparkles.

Mat lipsticks, the Rouge Blush, wonderful nail polishes – included a collector top coat with a mix of gold and silver sequins to apply also directly on your nude nails – are simply perfect for a glow look to show off during New Year’s Eve’s dinner.

Finally, the collection’s masterpiece is the Rouge Dior Coffret, an exclusive and limited edition clutch adorned with stars details and Dior signature. Inside it you will find the iconic 999 red lipstick, available in a new and special packaging design, together with five added lipstick refills, obviously to use for never ending red lips.

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The Bag Essentials by GCDS Beauty

As the name of this collection says, there is no self-respecting woman bag without a lipstick! If you hasn’t thought yet about what to put into that little pocket you have chosen for the party, you must have a look to the new GCDS beauty line.

The Italian brand launched the first drop – of a long series that will set up in 2019 – of four exclusive lipsticks that will make happy everybody, from a stylish soul to an ironic one.

Thanks to the funny packaging and the playful description, in fact, every item fits well with an explosive and young personality.

For New Year’s Eve’s night, Dry suggests you the sparkling Blinghoe, perfect if you desire glittered and naturally plumped lips. With the iconic red matte lipstick Velvet D.I.C.K., indeed, nobody can get wrong, while the Hype will help your lips to be hydrated.

Finally the Marijuana 4:20 cherry blush lipstick is truly recommended for a look to get high!

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Boy de Chanel by Chanel

If “Boys don’t cry” like The Cure sang, surely they can make up easier than girls can – without minding of the waterproof factor – also during New Year’s Eve celebration!

This year Chanel thought about them launching its first make-up line for men. The three items of Boy de Chanel Collection are flawless for a recognizable and neat look.

Le Teint is a tinted fluid that, with its liquid and non-occlusive texture – enriched with a hyaluronic acid derivate – corrects the imperfections and, at the same time, shelters the skin from sun, free radicals and daily stress.

Le Stylo Sourcils is an eyebrow pencil useful to retouch and redefine not only eyebrow line but also beard and moustache.

Last but not least, Le Baume Lèvres is a matte moisturizing lip balm that protects and hydrates for 8 hours. Your boyfriend lips – but, why not, also yours – will be soft and ready to kiss under the mistletoe at the end of the countdown!

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Cover: Vogue, June 1971. Photo by Peter Knapp