Explore the boundary between rebellion and style with the Dsquared2 Gothic Belt Bag collection, where the oversized metal buckle becomes the symbol of an era of boldness and self-determination


This collection transcends mere fashion; it’s a bold statement of courage and individuality. Originally showcased on the Autumn/Winter ’23 runway and now revitalized for the Pre Spring/Summer ’24 collection. Featuring a range of daring designs, from medium-sized styles with double handles to mini clutches with detachable shoulder straps, each piece exudes courage and originality. The oversized metal buckle, an emblem of rebellion, takes center stage in the design. Boldly integrated into the top of the bags, it offers a visually striking allure. Textured leather, nickel-studded embellishments, and hand-enameled buckles accentuate the Gothic vibe of the collection. The color palette spans from the luxurious hues of optical white and black to the captivating amaranth red, with hints of metallic silver and crackled pink for the Pre Spring/Summer season. Moreover, denim, a hallmark fabric of Dsquared2, shines in this line, treated with a premium washing process and adorned with lacquered side construction details reminiscent of sneaker laces. With the Gothic Belt Bag collection, Dsquared2 elevates the ordinary to the extraordinary, embodying the rebellious and rock-inspired spirit of the brand with a daring and unforgettable aesthetic.