Fashion of the future is here and it will let you wear precious-metal clothes

Like King Mida in the Ancient Greek myth, Au197sm transforms fabrics in gold…

The brand’s new collection “Couture collides nano technology” in fact is characterised by items made of organic textiles – for example chiffon, organza, silk, cotton and jersey too – blended with different metals, including 24 carat gold. Thanks to new technologies, covered by an international patent, Au197sm created innovative pieces of both day and night-wear. 

The collection’s color palette stretches from black and white to pale pink and mint green, while the details include bubble scuba and sequins for a sparkling look. The accessories’ masterpiece is called “shoeker”, a truly leather mask enriched with plexiglass, glitter, jewels and gold as well, to wear over your sneakers for an extremely luxury touch.

Au197sm minimal – but impressive too – looks are the expression of a new kind of fashion we can define “tech”: a fashion with a creative and experimental approach that at the same time doesn’t give up artisan savoire faire.