Fendi couture flaunted all its elegance and tailoring precision by showing on the catwalk different furs and cuts of real couturier. Lynx collars, marabou feathers embellishing dresses, but also mink, hand-painted sable, are all included in this fearless collection. 

Exquisite fabrics blur lines of memory as frayed organza and fringed chiffon. Dresses with crinolines and elegant coats are mixed in a triumph of rosettes, lace and hand-painted embroideries, while the suit is revealed in ermine or covered with sequins. Kinetic pumps combine this technique with a lampshade heel stacked with maple, perspex and horn.

Fendi Pumps Couture 2018

Chiffon fur-like coat embellished with a Kupka pattern and mink collar

Fendi Couture FW2108-Look1

Kupka inspired suit featuring an embroidered organza jacket and an embroidered jacquard skirt

Fendi Couture FW2108-Look4

Sable coat punctuated by porcelain embroidery with mink flowers

Fendi Couture FW2108-Look11

Organza ballerina skirt decorated with porcelain embroidery with mink flowers and paillettes leotard

Fendi Couture FW2108-Look15

Swakara like sequins bustier dress with ostrich feathers and organza skirt

Fendi Couture FW2108-Look20

Swakara coat with embroidered flowers inserts

Fendi Couture FW2108-Look29

Mink flowers and petals appliqué tulle jacket
Mink petals appliqué pencil skirt with paillettes leotard

Fendi Couture FW2108-Look38

Shearling feathers and organza multilayers coat

Fendi Couture FW2108-Look47