The Sylvie bag is a matter of mother and daughter…

Dazzling sunlight, blue sky, palm trees and boutiques on Rodeo Drive, luxury cars and seaside colors … this is the atmosphere of the new Gucci campaign for its summer superstar accessorize: the Sylvie.

The video tells about the daily routines of shopping, beauty treatments, relax and outdoor sports of a wealthy mother and her daughter in Hollywood.

Played by the award-winning actress Faye Dunaway and the French singer and performer SoKo, they are two opposites: the mother with perfectly styled blonde hair, chiseled features with an unmissable pinch of botox, and the daughter with a boyish brown hairstyle, a smooth pale face, and a more natural makeup. However, the two express a strong affinity and harmonize in their gestures and aesthetics through the shared passion for Gucci looks.

The story concludes with the mother giving her daughter the Sylvie bag, a precious object to care for and preserve over time. And to share with no envy or rage.