Edited by activist and author Adam Eli and under the artistic direction of Italian visual artist MP5, the new edition of CHIME Zine includes essays, interviews, and graphics that address topics related to the importance of visual symbols in women-led social movements

Text by: Josephine Giachero

The latest zine stands in support of a number of causes aimed at calling international attention: the women and marginalized groups who started the #EndSARS movement in Nigeria; the women’s uprising in Poland; the phenomenon of femicide in Turkey; the response to the stigma linked to sexual violence and the importance of preserving the history of radical feminist queer culture expressed by the zines of the 90s and 00s in the digital age.

CHIME FOR CHANGE is a global campaign launched by Gucci in 2013 in collaboration with Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and Salma Hayek Pinault. It was designed to solicit, unite, and strengthen organisations all over the world that give voice to the demands for gender equality, particularly in education, health, and justice. In collaboration with 162 non-profit partners, the campaign has raised $ 17.5 million to support 442 advocacy projects and initiatives for women in 89 countries.


Gucci has partnered with the Generation Equality Forum as a corporate leader in the Action Coalition Leadership and Feminist Movements to make gender equality initiatives more effective around the world. Created by UN Women and co-organized by the governments of Mexico and France in collaboration with youth movements and civil society representatives, the forum has the goal of stimulating global activity and commitment to achieve gender equality by 2026.

A limited number of copies of the CHIME Zine will be available at the Gucci Garden in Florence, the Gucci Wooster Bookstore and the Dashwood Books in New York. The new issue will also be distributed as part of some copies of the next issue of MISSION Magazine, while the digital edition will be available on Gucci Equilibrium, the Gucci website dedicated to social and environmental issues.