Two new collaborations for the Italian maison: Gucci-Dapper Dan and #TimeToParr. On the wave of the logo-mania, which shows Gucci as main character, Alessandro Michele, the house’s creative director, has engaged with a new project that extends the power of brand typography. In collaboration with Dapper Dan, he has created an 80s look collection enhancing the “gangster chic”, with leather jackets, tracksuits, golden chains, embroideries of pythons and dragons, and GG prints everywhere. The shoot features young personalities from the neighborhood together with models, referring to the archives of Dan’s original photos in Harlem New York. An homage to the hip-hop culture celebrated by Dan in the 80s and early 90s, this new collection emphasizes the historical synergy between fashion and music production.

On the other side, with the documentary photographer Martin Parr, Michele has given life to a different collaboration. All Instagram-based, it is a photographic project throughout the so-called “Gucci places”. The British photographer, famous for the authenticity and sarcasm of his works, features employees and visitors in the so-called “Gucci places”. From Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, Bibo in Hong Kong, Waltz in Tokyo, Gucci Garden in Florence to the Dapper Dan Atelier in Harlem, these and other places are linked to the maison, because they were setting for campaigns or because Michele took inspiration from them. Portraying normal people instead of celebrities, Parr aimed to capture moments of real life and intimacy, with a pinch of irony too.