The question of the relevance (and the modernity) of Haute Couture arises naturally, especially in a world where the big news are capsule collections merging mega brands with streetwear cults.

Maison Margiela ‘Artisanal’ collection is a self proclaimed study in global communities and interaction in the digital age. John Galliano has been analyzing and “peeling” (he has used the term “décortiqué”)  some of the maison’s staples like the trench, the peacoat, the classic shirt  to expose  their structure. So he adds layers of different fabrics, like the filters used on images in social media, and colorful embroidery, like stickers on Snapchat.

The ubiquitus Margiela white lab coat, worn by whoever works for the maison, is transformed in a dream: meters of black tulle shaped like a female face by artist Benjamin Shine are wrapped around like a cloud.

This is Haute Couture 2.0 relevant in the digital age.