Tagliatore and Mind Against, a duo of Italian Berlin-based artists internationally celebrated in the electronic music scene, present the third chapter of the House of Tagliatore Music project, consolidating their collaboration and signing an exclusive playlist of 20 tracks available on Spotify

Mind Against electronic music duo composed of Alessandro and Federico Fognini

Tagliatore has always paid attention to interaction for a constant dialogue between parallel worlds. Thus, House of Tagliatore – Milanese home of the historic brand – becomes a real exclusive and inclusive meeting place, a space that lives through worlds akin to its values and aesthetics, such as music.
It continues and consolidates the artistic collaboration between Pino Lerario, eclectic Creative Director and soul of Tagliatore, and Mind Against, a duo of Italian Berlin-based artists famous worldwide in the contemporary scenario of electronic music, who together sign the latest Chapter of House Of Tagliatore Music, the third chapter with which the Italian brand wants to communicate the existential and cultural importance of music not only for Tagliatore, but also for Fashion and the whole society.
The project emphasizes how contamination, culture, diversity, are today cornerstones and inspiration of the creative process of Pino Lerario, who, collaborating with Mind Against, sets among his goals the dialogue with an increasingly wide and international community through exclusive and inclusive content, new projects that uniquely communicate emotions, new languages and a gaze always projected towards the future.
Tagliatore dedicates to the artists the label “Tagliatore Mind Against,” hand-stitched on each garment chosen by four hands with the artists drawing from the Fall Winter 2023 collection, and produces an exclusive photo shoot taken in the iconic setting of Palazzo Meroni in Milan, home of House of Tagliatore, “to celebrate the collaboration and the city with its protagonists recognized and appreciated in the world.”

House Of Tagliatore Music Chapter III is available on Spotify in Tagliatore’s channel with 20 new tracks exclusively selected by Mind Against.
“The project,” continues Pino Lerario, “will continue to evolve and will soon be consolidated with an event in Milan, the details of which we cannot reveal yet.