Pitti Uomo 106 showcases a new man who always feels more comfortable in contemporaneity: discover here some of the best presentations of italian men’s fashion trade fair.


GAS’s Spring Summer 2025 collection immerses itself in a dreamlike atmosphere, a nowhere land where the desire for novelty blends with a craving for color and freshness. It is an ode to optimism and positivity, fully reflected in the garments comprising the collection, proposing a total look for every occasion where denim plays the leading role, paired with cool and contemporary apparel pieces. “We are rainbow makers” is the title of the collection: we are happiness architects, bringing life to the world with color and joy, firmly believing in our ideals and fighting with positivity and optimism to make everyday life lighter. The positive rebels, expressing themselves freely without filters or excesses. They are unafraid of judgment and believe in the power of authentic people to bring about change and assert their ideas. The first part of the collection celebrates spring as a moment of change, where the wardrobe is renewed, and vibrant colors take over. The denim washes, like the colors of the apparel, are inspired by the delicate.


In an eclectic and rapidly evolving environment like that of techwear, Canadian chose to focus on two key elements of the genre for the SS25 they presented at Pitti Uomo 106: lightness and movement. The brand continues its exploration of contemporary outerwear trends with a menswear line featuring clean, minimalist designs inspired by classic utility clothing. Parkas, bikers, and field jackets are updated with technical details such as breathable mesh, waterproof zippers, and elastic pulls. Stretch fabrics ensure comfort and practicality, while innovative surfaces like crinkled cotton-nylon add a unique texture.

In the women’s collection, a more classic mood emerges with refined trench coats and ultra-light saharianas. Creativity shines in the “capsule” section, where oversized parkas and bomber jackets are crafted from nearly transparent ultralight nylon ripstop. Precious embroideries with an oriental-inspired tone make each piece distinctive. Canadian consistently engineers materials each season to create garments with innovative designs.

For the upcoming summer, a short bomber jacket features a fabric composed of stitched squares that create dynamic spaces between them, emphasizing movement and lightness. The color palette revolves around pastels such as brown rice, aviation blue, and warm gray.


In the historic setting of Pitti Uomo 106, the Herno FW 2024 men’s collection is rooted in the essence of contemporary life, so diverse and inclusive. It represents a man who moves effortlessly between fashion, functionality, and aesthetics.

Good taste, the art of dressing well, has regained an unexpected modernity, embracing even those who grew up influenced by street style, such as Gen Z. This generation enthusiastically looks to history and an era of refinement, making it part of everyday life in a relaxed and discreet manner, evoking it without clamour.

For brand enthusiasts seeking timeless elegance and quality, Herno presents Origin, a line of must-have pieces with classic allure, essential in any wardrobe. Excellence, on the other hand, is the ideal choice for those who appreciate high craftsmanship and luxury, offering exquisite garments made to last. Finally, Contemporary perfectly aligns with current fashion trends, interpreting modernity with sophistication and an innovative approach.

A wide selection of coordinated accessories further completes and enhances the looks, helping to outline a well-defined path that accompanies the entire season, as essentials are indispensable.


The new Men’s Spring Summer 2025 collection starts right here: with an elegance that complements any moment of the day, be it morning or evening, and a combination of strong, vibrant colors that intensify and enliven the wardrobe. These include cool tones like browns and bold hues like yellows, ruby reds, greens, and oranges that exude optimism and joy, making even the most classic suits innovative and playful. This demonstrates that formality isn’t static but alive and vibrant. Alongside colors, the lines soften, making garments more relaxed and comfortable, extending the functionality of jackets, pants, and shirts while maintaining their adaptability for any occasion, with an elegance that never fades.

The distinctive hallmark of Kiton’s DNA, as always, is the pursuit of the most precious and luxurious raw materials like super-light cashmere, cashmere blended with linen, and cashmere blended with silk, all exclusively crafted by their own Carlo Barbera mill. These fabrics innovate jacket, overcoat, sweater, and shirt compositions, capable of pleasing even the most discerning tastes. Printed fabrics with a denim effect that endure washes without alteration find space alongside prints and patterns inspired by the late 1990s, featuring large, subtle squares reminiscent of Josef Albers’ masterpieces. This underscores how taste and elegance continually render tradition contemporary and in step with the times.

Further enhancing the modernity of this man who embraces cool and vibrant colors without sacrificing his distinctive class and finesse are the broader, softer volumes and accessories. Through relentless material and stylistic research, these accessories seamlessly complement the Kiton look. The footwear collection introduces new models, from finely crafted loafers in youthful designs to super-light sneakers, including the new car shoe that stands out even in semi-formal settings.

With meticulous attention to detail and a remarkable rediscovery of shades and tones, Kiton looks to the present without forsaking evolution and discovery. Their suitcase tailored for the modern man remains comfortable, functional, and elegant, accompanying him on business trips and leisure journeys alike. This breaks the monotony of gray that risks stifling creativity and ingenuity, taming it into habit and whim.