Discover the incredible panorama of Tel Aviv’s designers in between fashion and socio-political matters

Milan Fashion Film Festival presents “Tell Me Tel Aviv”, an inspirational movie in collaboration with Collectible DRY about the most creative, tolerant and vibrant city of Israel. Let’s watch the trailer below!

Why Tel Aviv?

Being famous for music, clubbing, art and LGBTQIA+ scene, we decided to have a closer look and a sharp listen to the city’s youngest and most promising fashion designers and artists. We discovered a place full of citizens who are fighting, dreaming and standing firm, not only for themselves.

“If we’d had peace in the Middle East I’m sure it would have made a wholly different story even here in Tel Aviv.” Perfectly aware of being in one of the most long-lasting war zones in the Middle East, the 40-year-old most established Israeli deejay, producer and music journalist Adi Shabat illustrates her perception of the place she’s living in:

“It is a young city. It keeps changing because a lot of young people keep on coming here and they all have an input, art-wise as well as politically wise. If any revolutions take place, they will all start from here, because it’s the most embracing environment for young minds”.
She adds: “It brings something that is not existing in the rest of Israel. Something that doesn’t exist anywhere. But especially in Israel you don’t have a place where everyone is welcome, doesn’t matter what your religion, sexual orientation, gender or profession is.”

The city was founded in 1909 by Jews on the outskirts of the ancient Jaffa. A more recent local proverb recites “Jerusalem prays and Tel Aviv has fun”. Washed by the Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv is today the safest city in the area, a gender-neutral surfer’s landscape and the epicenter of cultural, political and artistic contaminations.

Dor Vaknin, one of the two designers appearing in this film says: “I live in one of the poorest but also most artistic areas in Tel Aviv: it’s called “Shapira”, but I prefer to call it “Shakira”, then turning serious again he adds: “I find that it is a city where I can express myself and look as I want to look. In other cities, like Jerusalem, there are more homophobic and racist people who can start to bother you because of the way you look, or the way you behave.”

The idea of this video and photo editorial is born from the will of the Italian stylist Gabriele Papi to create a bridge in between Italian and Israeli upcoming designers, artists and deejays. Indeed, also the soundtrack of this documentary is an hybrid soundscape taken from the Israeli music projects Adi Shabat, Rapha, Shame on Us and the Italian projects Kingsizebed and Sound Shapes.

Don’t miss the screening at Anteo Spazio Cinema

Photography: Moosh Tamir

Styling: Gabriele Papi, Odie Senesh

Hair and make up: Ronelle Goshen

Israeli Designers: Eliran Nargassi, Dor Vaknin, Tamar Matan, Omri Devid Ben Avi

Italian Designers: Giuditta Tanzi, Matteo Pelagalli, Federico Cina

Models: Maya Roo, Yonatan Kram, Dor Vaknin, Yarik Shuster, Sh Se, Shai Kukui

For more info look at the Fashion Film Festival website: Milan Fashion Film Festival

“Tell Me Tell Aviv”
Anteo Spazio Cinema
Saturday 22, 11:30 AM Room President
Sunday 23, 7:30 PM Room Rubino
Monday 24, 8:30 PM Room President