by Michela Guasco

DRY: What is the extreme luxury in the denim ?

J.C. Made & Crafted is our premium line that allows us to spend more time, money and care on each garment to make it special. We  use the best Japanese or Italian denim, we  work n our “staple” pieces like the trucker jacket or the 501’s trying to make them more modern and more pleasant to wear. We call it “Sensory luxury”.

But the most extreme luxury  would be Lot 1, our made to order service. It’s available only in 3 shops in the world: San Francisco, New York and London. They  take your measurements, and you can choose, cut, fabric (we have some cashmere blend too), rivets, stitches …everything is bespoke. Elisabeth Radcliffe, our London cutter has been trained by and has worked with  Edward Sexton, the legendary Saville Row tailor  that has made suits for the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and that trained Stella McCartney. She will take your measurements, cut and stitch your bespoke Levi’s. One person does everything. Cut, quality and details are absolutely impeccable. It takes from five to six weeks and costs 500 pounds. I have a pair and I absolutely love them

DRY: Now that gender isn’t an issue anymore, is age the last taboo in fashion?

J.C. It’s our duty as fashion people not to make it an issue. I don’t believe in age demographics. And I believe  that this blur of taste, aggregation or consolidation is very interesting. I’ve read in consumer studies that grandparents and they grandchildren share a great part of the same playlist on their iPods. My kids love Harry Potter so do I and my parents. it has more to do with taste, we build tribes around what we like more than around our birth certificate. and that will break down gender and age stereotypes. 50 if the new 30.