Text by: Angelica Carrara

It’s not a magic tricks but the latest creation of Chris Bangle, the american designer famed for his automobile models for BMW. In 2009 he has launched his own studio in Piemonte. And now he has sculptured crystals for Swarovski’ Designer Edition series. Tilted Chaton, Tilted Spike and Tilted Dice are the new 2.5D shapes, where the 3D cut ends up being intrinsically flat. A multifaceted cut that creates an incredible optical illusion. Illusion actually, the name of the collection that reflects the light creating a magical effect. After Bangle’s two years work, the three cut he fine tuned become jewels. Jewels designed by other three exclusive designer selected by Swarowski: the italian Andrea Marazzini, french Philippe Ferrandis and spanish UNOde50. Swarovski, the magic of crystal isn’t it?