Hermès Club Carré arrives in Milan offering the city a unique opportunity to learn (and play) with this iconic piece of silk…

Text by: Fiammetta Cesana

Following the launch in New York and the shows in Toronto, Singapore and Los Angeles, the maison today invites Milanese people to live a surprising journey between karaoke, exhibited works, live artisanal performances, and art pieces to bring home, discovering the story of the legendary carré.

In 1937 the heritage brand coined the term “carré” referring to squared silk scarves (90×90 or 70×70). These are equivalent to 300 cocoons coming from 300 little eggs, all born by only one butterfly. It is called the math of beauty, as one carré is equivalent to one butterfly… Thanks to its perfect geometry, but also to its incredible versatility, this accessory can be worn in several different ways: it just depends on the creativity of its owner – as a foulard, a headband, a bag ribbon, or even a tie. The charm of the carré has been an inspiration for many artists, including Fernando Gutiérrez, Tokujin Yoshioka and Mathieu Mercier, and often also framed and hung as an original piece of furniture.

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Hermès Club will be open to the public developing different steps…

At the “Carré Check and Click” at the entrance, you will register and receive your personal badge, and after an official portrait shot you will be able to enter the club. 

Following, you will pass through the “Carré-OK”: a playful space with a small recording room, covered in colored silk, where you can sing karaoke to the rhythm of music combined with carré.

Moving to the next step, you will hear the stories of the historical silk item in the “Carré Stories”, the “girl-room” narrating from secrets to anecdotes, from truths to fictions, which reveal that the carré are custodians of several memories. Then for an unusual break you can stop at the “Carré Café”, where the menu will propose different specialties related to the theme. Now you will make your way to the artistic heart of the club, the “Carré Studio”. After having witnessed the artisanal work of Fendi’s craftsmen, now we have the opportunity to interact in an authentic atelier where designers and artists of the carré will work live.

Among the artists in action, you could see Gianpaolo Pagni, an expert in the creation of personalized stamps, who will print new illustrations directly on the silk pieces. Or you can be the subjects of Cyrille Diatkine, participating in her “Sketchomaton” – a quick session of portraiture (and yes, you can hold the portrait!). You will see Alice Shirley, who has an instinctive talent in the realistic interpretation of animals. Then Liz Stirling will give life to small objects using silk cutouts. Ugo Gattoni and Jean-Simon Roch will create and animate a series of drawings featuring Mino, a recurring character in their works. And finally, the French artist Pierre-Marie will bring his vibrant energy with his unmistakable style.

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While reaching the Carré Studio you can also leave your mark giving the name to one of the 75,000 colors published on the walls of the corridor: many are the nuances used by the maison since 1937…

Just before the end of the journey, you will find the “Carré Mania”, where you can purchase the Hermès Carré Club capsule collection, with limited edition scarves, only for club members. And dulcis in fundo, you will enter the temple of transformation, the “Carré Cut”, where beauty has the perfect squared form… Here you can play with your own look enhancing your best side with the carré.

So, a one-of-a-kind opportunity to discover and have fun with the art of this silk treasure!

“Hermès Carré Club”
Palazzo Bovara, corso Venezia, 51, Milan
From November 23 to 25, 12am-8pm