Lama Jouni joins Puma launching a sneaker that talks about Paris

Text by: Annarosa Laureti

Half Parisian and half Arabian, but with the same sporty soul… This is the new iconic Thunder sneaker designed in partnership with the namesake’s brand creative director Lama Jouni.

This new creative duo – made possible thanks to Co.Creative platform, that facilitates Puma’s partnerships with rising talents from fashion and music industries – launched two collections thought exclusive for women, characterized not only by footwear but also by sporty-inspired fashion items such as hoodies, full zip cropped and off-shoulder tops and oversized cargo sweatpants.

Named respectively Rive Droite and Rive Gauche, the Lebanese designer has made with them a truly homage to her beloved city: Paris.

Recollecting her memories from school years in France – moved from Saudi Arabia she has studied Fashion Design in Parson Paris as well as she worked for some of the most famous fashion houses, including Balmain, Rad Hourani and Reed Krakoff – Lama Jouni has decided to capture the two souls of “the City of Love”.

Rive Droite proposes two versions of the Thunder, both referring to the urban colors and attitude of that part of the city which “it’s bohemian and has a younger, more urban energy”, as the designer said.

Rive Gauche collection, indeed, playing up with the tones of peach, beige, blue and glacier grey, embodies the feminine sensibility of that quieter Seine’s bank where “people are more sophisticated”.

Launched first, Rive Droite collection is now available at Puma and Lama Jouni. While for Rive Gauche collection you have to wait few months, it will be dropped only in Spring 2019.