In Italy, Pepsi inaugurates a temporary experience in the heart of Milan: the PEPSI DINER. Inspired by timeless American diners, it aims to connect the brand with its audience through heritage and authenticity, drawing on the role of diners in some of Pepsi’s most iconic moments and reflecting the essence for which the brand is famous


The American beverage giant Pepsi is undergoing a significant identity change after 14 years and introducing a new logo and visual identity, marking its entry into a new era characterized by stories, design, and collaborations.
This new brand identity is spearheaded by none other than Mauro Porcini: designer, innovator, communication guru, and, of course, Chief Designer of Pepsi. He famously modified the Pepsi logo, transforming the iconic Pepsi blue into a blend of black and blue, and is currently overseeing the creative side of a global rollout of the beverage maker’s 125th anniversary celebrations.

To celebrate in style, the company has opened the doors of a classic old palace near Milan’s Duomo, transforming it into an environment where time and space seem to fade from the first moment you step inside.
From the welcoming staff in full blue Pepsi jumpsuits to the funky disco music, the atmosphere of an old-time American diner is palpable: neon lights against an electric blue and white checkered floor, vintage logos, and historic Pepsi graphics guide visitors before going through a full-blue-neon tunnel, metaphorically representing the beginning of a new era.
In this artificial, sparkling Pop-inspired setting with bright colors and a lounge atmosphere, every detail is meticulously curated. Classic high stools typical of American diners and refrigerators filled with cans create eye-catching blue and black patterns. What steals the show, however, just like the queue that formed during the opening night, is the opportunity to take home a memory: a photo booth in a corner allows visitors to take classic “automated” photos branded with Pepsi. Everything is set to offer a rich experience of entertainment and fun, reflecting the essence for which the brand is famous. This Thirsty for More approach ensure that every evening, the schedule is filled with artists and musicians: indeed, within the space, DJ sets and stand-up comedies are always present (iconic opening thanks to a show by Alessandro Cattelan), as well as karaoke; but also special evenings themed around football or quiz nights, for example.

PEPSI DINER – the name chosen for the temporary event – is also a place where people can enjoy, in full American style, an exclusive menu themed on stars and stripes origins and identity: Beef and cheddar double burger, french fries with oregano mayonnaise, salad, and to finish, donuts, the fried and glazed American doughnuts. There is also a tasty vegetarian option, with the meat burger replaced by a plant-based version. The drink list features nostalgic options, including unlimited Pepsi refills and long drinks like Pepsi-Colada and Dark Mojito.

Access to the restaurant required a 20€ admission ticket including dinner, show, and drinks. Now that every day is sold out, the only way to visit the space is until June 10th, from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm (3rd and 6th June excluded). Free Pepsi assured.