Futurisms, Pop-isms, sundry Expressionisms. By now art is one of the main sources of inspiration for fashion stylists, who look to the recent past for forms and colors to surprise a very young audience in search of the new. Fashion subjects are pilfered from the vast repertoire dished up by modern art over the last century (Depero, for example, to name just one source). Saturated colors, abstract forms of great decorative impact, become the materials applied by fashion creators in a rich range of decorative effects. Warhol, the comics of Lichtenstein, the flabby soft forms of Oldenburg with their plasticized hues, invade the colorful world of the most coveted accessories to create the paradox of an art that drew its inspiration from the world of things, making a cheerful return to commodity status thanks to the citational impulse of the modern art-makers of fashion.