By: Fiammetta Cesana and Diletta Accorroni

No fashion parties, no dinners at fancy restaurants, no IG pics posted from luxury exotic hotels… Our lives, or rather their social media’s best filtered evidences, have changed drastically in the last weeks. When the top social event of the day becomes going to the grocery store or taking out the dog for a walk, it seems we have no more good reasons to be nice and pretty. Things like getting on shape, wearing a nice dress or putting some make-up on look like habits of the past. So wrong!

Quarantine is not an excuse to neglect yourself, being shabby and dressing with no taste. On the contrary, this is the time to fight against the fear with inner and outer lights. So what do we need to do? Going on like nothing happened? Behaving, working, eating, dressing like we did normally? Again, wrong! Life is different now, and we need to comply with this dramatic change by transforming the way we are bound to our soul as well as to our aesthetics too.  

As we can see on social media, more and more users, including celebrities, are now preferring to present themselves in a more simple, natural beauty. Being “easygoing” in our aesthetics indeed doesn’t mean turning careless, but instead it can bring to a new exemplary approach to our whole life. 

Staying at home, we don’t need layers and layers of contouring, fake eyelashes, lips fillers… we don’t need high painful heels or too slinky dresses, but something comfy and sophisticated that can light us up in the intimacy of our couch. 

Of course, it’s not easy to be consistent in making ourselves pretty if no one sees us, but today we have the fortune of social media… So the day you feel tired and unmotivated to look good, just throw a House Party video chat and make yourself beautiful for your friends!

Some brands have been prophetic in creating Pyjamas-wise collections that can make us gorgeous in refined garments and at the same time comfortable and cosy…

Pyjamas Chic_House Party_quarantine look_safe pretty and natural_La Double J
More than anybody else on the whole world, is the iconic J.J.Martin, who loves to play with botanical elements and exotic animals. In fact, La Double J, with its trademark of vivid colours, funky and vintage inspirations doesn’t ceases to amaze us! These matching pijamas are a joy for the eyes and with their wonderful prints they have once again the capacity to bring joy and light-heartedness in our rooms.
Pyjamas Chic_House Party_quarantine look_safe pretty and natural_Asceno Silk Pyjama
Powerful femininity, luxurious natural fabrics and clean silhouettes represents instead the roots of the London-based brand Asceno. Their environmentally responsible silky Pyjamas takes us back to the Earth, while their minimal and light design makes us feel relaxed yet elegant, which is exactly what we need in these days...more than anything else. 
Pyjamas Chic_House Party_quarantine look_safe pretty and natural_Gucci Resort 2019
From 2016 up to now, looks inspired by nightwear elements are a constant in Gucci's collections, whether they would be silky and elegant or closer to the streetwear vibes.
Pyjamas Chic_House Party_quarantine look_safe pretty and natural_Alanui SS20
Alanui, which has just launched a refined yet comfortable Pyjama Suit selection, is definitely one of those. Here, the wonderful mix between tie dye feathers, Japanese silk, cashmere and lovely Jungle elements -such as parrots, monkeys and tropical plants- makes the collection a proper “First aid kit” for these grey lockdown weeks.
Pyjamas Chic_House Party_quarantine look_safe pretty and natural_Love Stories
On the same wavelength, we have the Love Stories collection- made of effortless, romantic and elegant Pyjamas. All of them definitely made to be lived in, 24 hoursday.
Pyjamas Chic_House Party_quarantine look_safe pretty and natural_FENDI Women SS20
Mandatory, to complete the Pijama Chic look with a stylish element: a pair of dreamy Fendi's Promenade from the SS2020 Collection. There is so much varieties in both the colour palettes and the textures that for every single pyjama set there is a perfect shoes.
Pyjamas Chic_House Party_quarantine look_safe pretty and natural_Attico_FW17
Confirming to be always one step ahead, the Milanese-based Attico, since the very first collections have had the capacity to bring refined nightie elements such as kimonos and male robes into our daily life.