Nestled within Pitti Uomo’s Sala delle Nazioni, the S/Style showroom stands as a testament to innovation and craftsmanship in the fashion world.


The illustrious Italian menswear trade show, Pitti Uomo, is renowned for its distinguished brands and a lineup of dynamic guest designers. Yet, nestled within the Sala delle Nazioni is perhaps a lesser-known gem, the S/Style showroom, which each season unveils a curated selection of emerging fashion talents.

Established in 2020 by curator and stylist Giorgia Cantarini, S/Style addresses a crucial gap in Italy’s fashion landscape, marrying a commitment to sustainability with an unwavering dedication to style. In collaboration with Kering’s Material Innovation Lab (MIL), this initiative not only explores the potential of next-generation materials but also creatively repurposes surplus fabrics and yarns from Kering’s prestigious houses, demonstrating a profound respect for both innovation and heritage.

At Fortezza da Basso’s Sala delle Nazioni, the showroom proudly presents a diverse array of 10 brands from across the globe. This season’s distinguished lineup includes: Domenico Orefice (Italy), Permu (China), Unsung Weavers (Greece), Buzigahill (Uganda), Florania (Italy), Guido Vera (Chile), Tolo (Italy), Caoimhe Dowling (Ireland), Denzil Patrick (UK), and Via Piave 33 (Italy). These designers were meticulously handpicked by Giorgia Cantarini, who scours fashion weeks worldwide in her quest to uncover exceptional talent. The showcased creators employ an array of innovative materials, ranging from recycled denim, cotton, and polyester to natural dyes and marble dust fabric coatings, embodying a harmonious blend of sustainability and artistry.

Many of these designers employ upcycled fabrics and emphasize slow, artisanal methods, which present unique challenges as they strive to scale their operations and attract stockists. Through the showroom, Kering aspires to inspire a new generation of designers to integrate material innovations, such as recycled cotton and polyester, into their existing practices. This fusion aims to create scalable, responsible luxury. Since its inception, S|STYLE has served as a dynamic hub, showcasing talents such as Connor McKnight, Y/Project with the launch of its “Evergreen” collection, and Phipps, who now boasts a collaboration with Boss. Other notable names include Federico Cina, winner of “Who’s on Next,” and Uniforme, finalist for the “Andam Prize.” Among the latest accolades is S.S. Daley, recipient of the LVMH Prize in 2022, who unveiled his first collection at Pitti Uomo in 2021.