Camper and SUNNEI have unveiled a distinctive collaboration that challenges our perceptions of footwear. Introducing FORONE, a unique shoe concept that defies norms with its 100% symmetrical design, suitable for both feet


The SUNNEI x CAMPER installation at Cassina Projects

The collaboration between Camper, renowned for its unconventional and inventive designs, and SUNNEI, a forward-thinking brand celebrated for its experimental and iconoclastic aesthetic, represents a perfect synergy. Described as disruptive, provocative, and interactive, this partnership unfolds in three distinct phases, each reflecting the unique and complementary philosophies of the two brands, marking a long-term design journey.
At the heart of the FORONE concept lies a design with laces available in five vibrant chromatic shades: red, beige, green, blue, and mustard. This diverse color palette allows consumers to personalize their footwear experience, creating up to ten unique color combinations from a single purchase.
The genesis of FORONE can be traced back to Camper’s headquarters in Mallorca, Spain, where SUNNEI’s creative team delved into the brand’s historical archives. The TRINS concept, born from Camper’s Spring/Summer 1996 collection, featured a set of three shoes in different colors, adaptable to both the left and right foot, offering six chromatic combinations. Twenty-seven years later, this pioneering concept has evolved into FORONE, a revitalized project by Camper x SUNNEI enriched with new design elements.
Whether opting for a harmonious color pairing or a bold clash of tones, FORONE stands as a testament to the power of personal expression and liberation from traditional constraints, celebrating creativity as a daily practice of emancipation.

The campaign for FORONE draws inspiration from the Italian saying “Due piedi in una scarpa,” embodying the concept of a unique shoe. The campaign images, captured by promising talent Tarek Cassim, embody the ironic and subversive spirit of Camper and SUNNEI, visually reinforcing the concept of the unique shoe through a series of photographs that oscillate between playful and conceptual.

FORONE redefines the canonical rules of footwear with a design conceived for maximum durability. The vulcanized rubber sole is securely stitched 360 degrees to an upper made of 100% recycled and breathable cotton. The memory foam insole offers superior comfort, intelligently adapting to the anatomy of the left or right foot, celebrating ergonomics and sustainable design.
This collaboration is not just an ode to creativity but also an invitation to reflect on versatility and individuality in contemporary fashion, demonstrating that there is no right or wrong way to wear a shoe, only a unique interpretation intimately tied to our identity and expressive freedom.