PierPaolo Piccioli, Valentino’s Creative Director, has chosen the moon as inspiration for his Spring Summer ’18 collection. The moon as as an elsewhere, a parallel universe, a second opportunity. But also like a different point of view from which the earth looks even more beautiful.  The press release quoted Ludovico Ariosto’s “Orlando Furioso” but we can also think of David Bowie in “Space Oddity” .
Normal items become glamorous: the cargo pant, the blouson, the tank top and the dress sparkle and shine with satin, embroidery and plastic. Proportions change: the small becomes oversize and the large shrinks.
Everything is reinvented but everything is also, reassuringly, the same. Valentino’s beautiful evening gowns and little dresses are there (so are  the side, hidden pocket that every woman loves in a dress) just more glamorous and more fun.
More disco and less romance!