Take your romantic (Chanel) chance with the new Eau Tendre Eau de Parfum, a truly hymn to optimism and boldness

Text: Annarosa Laureti

Since the beginning, the concept of Fortune has been indissolubly linking to that of Love. Indeed finding one’s soul mate it is just a matter of Fate. Sometimes we try to catch the fortune collecting amulets and lucky charms… But why can’t we do this by the help of a perfume?

Chanel gives us an hand launching in 2002 a fragrance completely dedicated to Luck and – why not – also to Love Fate as we could see in the first campaign setting in Venice, the Italian city of love, that narrated the romantic story of a tourist and a gondolier. The collection took the name of Chanel Chance.

In few years the Chance family has enlarged including four different way to play the role of Luck, yet related to a common file rouge, that of the note of jasmine. This year a further member has been added: Chance Eau Tendre, the most delicate one, shows off a more resolute side, becoming available also in the Eau de Parfum variation.

For its launch, Chanel revealed a new advertising campaign by Jean-Paul Goude that portrays one of the occasions par excellence ruled by destiny: the audition.

The director – together with the choreographer Ryan Heffington and the musician Sam Spiegel – tells the dancing story of four Chanel Chance girls picked as main characters of a musical act. Among dancers and choristers, they shine on thanks to their energy and freshness as well as their confident femininity.

The new fragrance – created by perfumer Olivier Polge in cooperation with the Chanel Laboratory of Fragrance Creation and Development – is more intense and enveloping than the first one. An essence of rose and notes of white musk enrich its jasmine absolute heart, while a tangy aroma of grapefruit-quince accord will wrap you immediately.

To make it more precious, the famous and feminine round bottle’s design was also renovated with the addition of a silvery hue for the die-shaped cap.

Finally as Gabrielle Chanel was used to say “Chance is a way of being” so take you Valentine’s chance with this charming and joyful perfume, simply perfect to get crazy your one love.

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