Five fashion photographers reinterpret the concept of journey for “Fashion Eye”, the new photo book series branded Louis Vuitton

Text by: Annarosa Laureti

After the “City Guides”, entirely dedicated to some tales about metropolis, and the “Travel Books”, alike the carnet de voyage of artists, the fashion house, indissolubly linked to the art of travel since the creation of the first luggages in 1854, this Autumn invites us to discover and explore remote – but not only – lands. Through unpublished and archival pictures, each volume of this third series narrates a tale… maybe more than one. The story of the destination portrayed, in fact, comes up beside the story of the photographer himself, of his works, of his gaze to the world. Well-known and rising names show us their personal interpretation of the reportage in fashion key.

The Belgian Quentin De Briey captures, with his spontaneity, the everyday life of the Isle of Bali, while the Londoner Harley Weir describes the reality of a faraway land as Iran, catching in every little detail something magic and mysterious.

“Silk Road” by Kishin Shinoyama tells us instead, with melancholy tones and throughout pictures selected from his volumes already published among 1981 and 1982, about the old Eurasia, with its very different folks and missing treasures – because of wars and religious fanatism – like the Buddha of Bamiyan in Afghanistan, the Ancient City of Palmyra or Aleppo’s souks in Syria.

Then, the serenity and the sweetness of Geneva is filtered by the sensual lens of Paul Rousteau, who reminisces an adolescent love.

Last but not least, the story narrated by one of the most provocative lens in the fashion photography’s world: Oliviero Toscani. He has immortalized the land art work “Cretto” by Alberto Burri, located on the ruins of the Sicilian city of Gibellina, loading it with abstract and conceptual meanings thanks to the use of remarkable technical means and uncommon framing.