You know what someone said? That there’s no such thing as love. There is only proof of love. Are you ready to give us proof of your love?

A phrase from the film “The Dreamers” by Bernardo Bertolucci

Photos by: Lisa Carletta

Fashion by: Dinalva Barros

A film by: ENT.TV

Hair by: Renos Politis @Etoile Management

Beauty Editor & Concept by: Xavier Perez

Set Designer: Alina Totaro

Models: Lorenzo @IMG Models

Martina @Next Model MGTM

Umberto @Independent Model MGTM

Make up: Sissi Belloglio @WM-Management

Nails: Elisa Grieco @Etoile Management

Retouch: POMME 3D

Photo Assistant: Giulia de Ponti

Fashion Assistants: Arianna Lena – Paulina Torres

Set Designer Assistant: Camilla Bianchi

Studio: A.L.P Studio & Gallery