Different creative minds join together looking to the future of fashion

On September 19th the innovative Moncler Genius Building project, that has broken the rules of traditional fashion, presented “The Next Chapter”.

In an industrial space, turned into an art gallery, an immersive video installation has shown off the brand’s heritage and tradition through the vision of different designers.

Choosing to use the video as unique medium, the house has presented not only different collections at once, but also truly visual stories writing a new fashion chapter.

A hypnotic film collage deconstructs and reconstructs Moncler 1952’s outfits in endless geometric variations while the romantic silhouettes designed by Simone Rocha, with their flaps, flower prints, sequins and pearls, unfurl as flower in a virtual English garden in bloom.

Noir Kei Ninomiya’s collection is reconstructed in 3D garment models while a cinematic animation describes Hiroshi Fujiwara collection composed by rain and field jackets, plaid blazers and parkas with designer’s trademark slogans. Finally Craig Green shows his pieces, with their inhabitable shape inspired by tents and kites, into a virtual space.